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Be Smart... Be Fish.

Your complete, outsourced, grab-n-go
sushi program for your cafe.
Made fresh daily.
Pre-packaged, delivered and stocked
to enhance your retail sales operations.
Be Safe...
Be Fish.

Our wholesale sushi facilities are FDA-regulated and inspected by NSF and Steritech annually. We follow HACCP controls that ensure your customers are getting the safest, pre-packaged sushi possible.


Be Choice. Be Fish.

Be Fish creates freshly-made, pre-packaged grab-n-go sushi for contract foodservice providers, broadliners, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, airports, grocery stores, universities, schools, stadiums and more.


Our products are completely labeled and ready for sale.

Be Fish is a contracted partner for many foodservice companies to complement and expand their

food offerings. We also provide amazing

point-of-sale promotional materials to

help increase your revenues,

participation rates,

and client satisfaction

scores. We work with you

to determine par volumes,

delivery frequency and more.


Find out how our products can increase

cafeteria sales your and your profits today.



Be... In Contact.

Contact us and see if your cafeteria or facility is eligible to partner with Be Fish. Let us know you're interested and we'll send you more information.


formerly Bumblefish Sushi


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